Hair Ye, Hair Ye

How’s your hair doing?

Is it the color you want? Are you wearing a style you like? How about compliments? Is everyone raving about your beautiful hair?

Ladies we all have been in the place where something wasn’t right about our hair and we were most miserable.

Fellows you’re not excluded. A lot of you are just as finicky about your hair.

I’m having issues with my hair. I was wearing it cut short but I am now growing it. I’m somewhat satisfied with that. One major thing I’m not happy with is the gray that is taking over. I’m about to scream when I look in the mirror.

I will be fixing that issue. I’m going to color my hair. I’m not going to use hair color that I used before. I’m going to use something different.

This time Henna is my color mechanism of choice. Henna is new to me but has been around for ages. I’ve been reading about it. There seems to be more pros than cons. It’s plant based. It will color the grays. That is what I’m looking for. Henna is chemical free. I will test for allergies. The process is long but the results are great so I’m told.

I’m excited to try it. I’m not sure what color the grays will be but I didn’t know that when I used the other color. One time when I had my hair colored and time was up the color washed out of my hair and it was as if I never had it colored.

What have I got to lose?

We’ve Got The Victory

Let the shouts of joy

Ring through the air

We’ve got the victory!

No longer timid, nervous or shy

We’re excited about our visit

With the King-The Most High.

No preparation, no protocol

No practice to be perfect

We can come as we are.

The King is in the field

We can freely come

To pour out our hearts desire

To the Magnificent One.

Let the shouts of joy

Ring through the air

We’ve got the victory!

Green is Good

Everywhere I look I see green. Green is growing everywhere. The trees, grass and bushes are being clothed in their new wardrobe for this spring and summer season.

I not only like green outside, my love for green grows inside too. Flowers are sprinkled throughout my home. They bring freshness and a delight. A splash of green also covers the walls that clothe me in peace.

Green doesn’t stop there. It makes its way into my closet and appears in my wardrobe. Ranging from dresses to shoes to jewelry.

One green that is not allowed in my presence is the “Green Eyed Monster.” There is no place or time for that. It doesn’t fit and I don’t force it or submit to it.

Good green is what I mean.