Lord what are you up to today

Every morning this is what I say

Gazing out the window

To peak at the new day

I’m taking care of everything

Is His reply to me

Even concerning the birds you see

Sitting in the tree

It’s wintertime

Though the season’s changed

They lack nothing

Because I prepared a way

For them to be protected

From  harsh winter wind

I’ve provided berries

On bushes and trees

That will keep them fed

Until the cold winter ends

As you can see

I’m as busy as can be

Fulfilling my word

About the faithfulness of Me.



Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real

The voice of fear has no proof you can’t do what you are trying to do. Fear is a spirit. It’s trying to set up roadblocks that look so big that just maybe you’ll give in. When the lie is magnified and you see no way past your nose, you can look again.

Look at the end of the journey and see yourself there. Break up what it takes to get there into segments. It’s like eating an apple—one bite at a time.

Evaluate the completion of each segment. Make adjustments if necessary and move on in the next segment until you’ve completed the journey.

The best weapon against fear is the Word of God. God did not give us a spirit of fear; but of power, love and a sound mind.

Everything we need to turn our dreams into reality is waiting for us to start moving forward. As we move forward down the path that is laid out for us our needs will be supplied

At the end we see is our dreams are no longer dreams but reality.

Do you have something you need to do? Is fear preventing you?


What’s that sad look on your face?

Shoulders bent, eyes to the ground

Walking at a slow pace.

I know what you need

You need a little encouragement.

Hard times come and go

When they’re going to hit

Nobody knows.

I know what you need

You need a little encouragement

Lift up your head

And open your eyes

Encouragement is all around you

Don’t believe the lies

I know what you need

You need a little encouragement

I’m here to tell you

All is well

You will get through it

You will prevail

Because you got a little encouragement.