D is for Diet

A while back I joined Weight Watchers to help me on my journey to get healthy. 

After doing Weight Watchers I came across Maximized Living and started going to a doctor to help me with some other issues that needed to be tended to.

One of the things the doctor told me was I needed to further change my eating habits to rid sugar completely out of my diet. He was serious about me eliminating sugar for at least ninety days. I embarked on the sugarless journey with great results.

The ninety days ended right before the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays. As we all know it’s hard to resist those holiday sweet treats.

I must admit I was not strong enough to resist them. I fell prey to the voice that kept calling me. As a result of my weakness I started eating sweets again.

Sugar is a drug. In a way it is just as bad as taking drugs or drinking alcohol. It is addictive. It calls your name and when you run after the sugar your new diet is doomed.

During the ninety days I had not trouble not eating sugar. Eating sugar is not only about the obvious sweets. It is also becoming familiar with the different names for sugar/sweetener so you can recognize them when reading the ingredients list. 

I’m disappointed that I wasn’t strong enough to just say no. It didn’t end when the holidays were over but has continued up to now.

One good thing is I can repent and turn and get back on the right road. That is exactly what I plan to do.

I will be visiting the farmers markets regularly to get the fresh vegetables and grass fed meats. I will go back to reading the ingredients on the labels. I will say no to sugar again and mean it.

I plan on being stronger and screaming no as loud as I can to the trappings of the holidays this year. I will not be on a continual diet. I will have a new lifestyle.

Is there something in your life that you are succumbing to that is not beneficial for your health and well-being? How are you overcoming it?

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