All Things

All along your way

Each and every day

Things come up

That make you want to say

What is this happening to me.

There’s a noose around my neck

Can someone please set me free.

Open your eyes and see

All things work together through me

All things good or bad

All things that make you sad or glad

I’m in the know

I have everything under control

In your stressful time

Remember this one thing

All things work together for good.

All things.

Crime-Is It A Crime

Is it a crime

To reach in your pocket 

And give that person a dime

Is it a crime

To forget about yourself this time

And put a pair of shoe

On the one standing next to you

With their feet on the ground 

Is it a crime

To gift one of your many cars

To the sister in the pew across from you

With her kids standing at the bus stop

You wave at them every Sunday when you drive by

Is it a crime

To buy extra groceries

For that widow on the verge

Of a cat food dinner

Is it a crime

You look down on the needy

While you hob knob with the greedy

Is it a crime

Is it a crime

If you saw someone in need what would you do?