Packed in like sardines

Are the things I need

Comb, lipstick, wallet and keys

To get me through the day

Most days that is

As I sit and wonder

What do I actually use

As oppose to what

Gives me the blues

Because it’s stuffed so tight

Gives the zipper a terrible fright

There may be an explosion

Things flying left and right

Up, down, out of sight

Making the purse light


Sometimes things I dream about seem so far away. They look like they are in a place I can never reach. With sorrow in my heart I succumb to my reality that my dream will never come to pass. I sorrowfully put them on the shelf.

One day I heard these words.

You can Be

What’s in your heart to be

Everything you can be came from me

It was fashioned in you

Before the beginning of time

I have directions that will get you there

Stop wishing, worrying and living in despair

Ask me, I’ll help you

Get to where you need to be.

Do you have a dream to Be but you keep saying to yourself not me

Don’t pack it away

Gaze at it every day

Keep your heart open

And expect to Be