Celebrating A Birthday I’m Thankful For – Momma I Will Never Forget

Back in the 1920’s on November 18 God’s plan to bring me into the earth was well on its way. My Mother was born. Years later after marrying my Father I showed up.

I am forever thankful that God allowed her to be my Mom. She was the most beautiful person I know from the inside out. Everyone who knew her loved her. She never met a stranger.

I had a close bond with my Mom from the day I was born that lasted till the day she went to be with The Lord. She would always tell me I was special. I wasn’t much of a talker and periodically she would ask me if there was anything I wanted to talk about. Of course my answer was always no.

Our close bond continued into my adulthood. I would say Momma would you….. and her answer was always yes baby.

She was the best Grandma any kids could have. Fortunately my kids had that privilege. Mom lived long enough to love on her oldest great grandson.

Mom taught me how to be a decent human being. She instilled in me the bottom line is do the right thing. Respect for my elders was important-yes mam, no sir was and still is the respectful way to answer.

Momma I’m thankful that you were assigned to bring me into this world to nurture and grow me up to be the godly human being I’ve turned out to be.

I’ll always love you and celebrate you every year on the day of your birth.