My Friend’s Journey To Be

My friend told me sometime in the near future she will be relocating. She said the relocation will start out a temporary move which could become permanent. The Lord has laid out the plan He has for her to follow.

I am so excited for Vel. I’m not losing a friend but expanding my friend base to another side of the country. I can visit her and learn about a place I’ve never been. We can still talk every day and help each other with advice if needed. I’ll miss spending the night at each other’s homes laughing and giggling one minute and delving into seriousness the next.

I see Vel as a bird that had her wings clipped but the healing process is complete. She can now fly to the highest heights over the mountains or skim the tops of the sea and land where God points out for her next assignment. I’m glad you are on a God journey that will take you places that will surprise you. Make the best of every step on the way to be.

I love you Vel. You will always be my sister-friend no matter how far apart we are.

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