Can I Get Some Frequent Walker Miles

My friend dropped me off at the airport for my trip to attend my grandchildren’s graduations.

She dropped me off at terminal C-19. I looked at the schedule and saw I needed to go to terminal D-31. I asked at the information desk how to get there.  I was told to go outside and catch a green bus.

I arrived at terminal D-31 and upon handing my luggage over to be put on the plane the attendant informed me that after I go through security I had to go to terminal A-39—turn right out of security, walk down the hall, turn right and up the stairs to the door to the Skylink.

I made my way to the Skylink and to my next destination A-39. As I arrived there the sign had another destination and it wasn’t where I was going. The gentleman told me I needed to go to A-17 to catch my plane.

I turned around and off I went. Back to the Skylink (it wasn’t close). I finally arrived at the right terminal and after sitting for a short time I boarded the plane.

I walked and walked (got my exercise) along with riding the green bus and Skylink. My thought about all of this is Can I get some frequent walker miles for this trip within a trip.

Have you been on a wild goose chase at the airport and should have gotten frequent walker miles?The Green Machine

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