A Change Has Come

Joy, Fulfillment, Satisfaction.

These words describes how I feel about my back yard, especially my little flower garden area God told me to work on this year.

I haven’t always felt that way. I use to look at it and the negatives were larger than life.

This year I decided to look again differently. I’d stand in the middle of the yard and look at it from all angles. Most times I didn’t get any revelation of what I was to do.

One day the Lord told me to work in the area I bricked off last year. There were a few flowers that were transplanted last year from other areas. Weeds that were trying to claim that piece of property had to be dealt with first.

Flower shopping was the next task. Along with getting flowers soil amending products were needed.

Get the weeds out! They got to go! I’m making progress! This is becoming beautiful! I love it!

I kept saying those things to myself to encourage me to keep going. I fought long and hard to disengage the weeds that didn’t want to let go.

After the weeds were removed the planting began. Some plants were moved several times until I knew they were in the right place. Finally the flower garden was complete. It is beautiful. The plants are growing, growing, growing. A smile comes on my face when I think about the garden.

Working where the Lord told me has now spilled into other areas of the yard. I’m slowly and thoughtfully adding to the yard. There is a lot to do but I’m up for the challenge. My expectation is a beautiful, peaceful garden where I can sit and meditate on Gods goodness.

Looking back at the beginning of this journey I realize I had no plan that could withstand being overwhelmed by what I saw. Listening to the Lord and following His instructions step by step got me through the discouragement of what I was seeing. I now see through His eyes. If He can fix the earth that was void without form, He can work wonders in my little yard.

What are you looking at through your eyes instead of His eyes?


Bold Bathing Beauties

Yesterday on Dr. Oz’s show the audience was wearing their swimsuits for the full hour. They moved around freely as if they were fully dressed. I don’t recall seeing a slim, perfect body. Every person had a problem with their breast, stomach, and thighs. Most of the thighs had cellulite problems. In spite of their issues they seemed somewhat comfortable with their issues. I’m not sure I could have participated that day wearing the required outfit–a swim suit and no cover-up.

Almost two years ago I decided I wanted to see less of me on my birthday in 2011. I accomplished that before my birthday and maintained the loss. I was well pleased with myself. I was a woman on a mission. Although I saw less of me on my birthday I still needed to lose a bit more weight. Along the trail I fell off the wagon. I haven’t been able to climb back on since. Even though I haven’t gained the weight back I’m feeling like I’m thick and fat. I can’t explain what that means–I just know what it feels like. I’ve also noticed that a few of those bad eating habits sneak in every once in a while. Those bad eating habits make me feel bad physically and emotionally.

I was going to wait until I get back home from vacation to climb back up in the wagon of good health but I can’t wait. I must start now. There are plenty of healthy choices I can make and make them I will. I don’t want to undo what I’ve already done.

Exercise is a big part of the weight loss process. I get most of my exercise from bowling in two leagues and tournaments. An issue with an old injury that continually haunts me prevents me from exercising to my fullest.

In spite of the issues that try to abort my reaching the goal that is set before me I will continue to move forward and celebrate the victory. When I reach my goal and celebrate the victory then maybe I’ll prance all over Dr. Oz’s stage in my swim suit.

Have you ever fallen off the wagon on your way to a goal you had? Did you get back on the wagon? Did you throw your hands up in defeat and walk away?

Reflecting on My Life

I haven’t blogged since I participated in the A to Z Blogging Challenge. I’ve been busy but writing has been on my mind. I’m trying to get a perspective on where I’m going from here.

Last week I had a few minutes before I had to leave home. I picked up my guitar that I waved at when I walked past it. Now just because I have a guitar doesn’t mean I can play it–I can’t. Something went off in me when I started strumming it. I then remembered some of the things I learned when I took lessons for a minute a few years ago. I knew at the first strum that I need to learn how to play instead of letting it collect dust. My neighbor across the street has offered to teach me. I’m going to march myself across the street for lessons. By this time next year I will be an excellent guitarist playing all types of music

I’m also perfecting my bowling skills. The winter leagues will be over next week. I’m already signed up for a summer league and a couple tournaments. With the help of a friend I have amassed an arsonel of bowling balls-I have five to be exact. Three will go with me at all times. I’m excited how my average will increase. One day I will no longer have a handicap. I AM A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH!

I will continue my writing. I will increase my skills by taking courses and entering challenges. Next year when I participate in the A to Z Blog Challenge I want to look like I know what I am doing. Maybe I’ll have a blog only for the challenge and I can still write my regular blog.

Getting back to my art is a must. I have pictures in my head that need to be on canvas.

Looks like I need a housekeeper to do the things I won’t have time to do since there are no slots in my calendar to do the boring things.

As you see I’ve got big plans. If I can complete the challenge then I can complete my list.

What’s on your list to start and complete? Go for it. I know you can.