A to Z Challenge Vacation

On my bucket list is a dream vacation.

My vacation destinations are: England, France, Switzerland, Italy and Israel.

Overall I want to sight-see and take plenty pictures. Some of the pictures will be used to create beautiful watercolor paintings.

In England I want to shop at Harrah’s and eat fish and chips. In France I want to buy French perfume and eat their delicacies. I plan on buying  a Swiss Made watch and chocolates in Switzerland. Riding in a gondola and having a cobbler create me a beautiful pair of shoes are my plans for Italy. I want to visit every place possible and do all I can in Israel.

I would also like to take a cooking class in France or Italy and go on a painting excursion.

I would love to be able to stay a long time in the different countries partaking in all the goodies.

Do you have a favorite vacation spot?

A to Z Blog Challenge Uncluttered

Yesterday I answered questions about organization. When I added my score I found out I was in better shape than I thought I was. Though my score said one thing what I see in my home is another. I see mail, magazines and a few other things lying around. One issue is that I’m gone more than I’m home. Because I’m gone a lot these items keep piling up. I don’t get to read my magazines. Some mail I need to pitch in the trash as soon as I get it.
Maybe I also need to get an uncluttered life. I probably don’t need to be gone as much as I am. My home could get uncluttered if I’d spend more time here. Here’s another area to work on.
I can help others get uncluttered but I have a hard time helping myself. I need to hire someone to help me. But then I need to stay home long enough to get the assistance.
When all is said and done I want an uncluttered mind, life, house and car.
What needs to be uncluttered in your life?