A to Z Blog Challenge T- THROWBACK

Some times in our lives we have things coming at us from all directions. It’s like the things are on a timer and no sooner we get one thing cleared up another issue is up in our face. Welcome to:


When things in your past

Seem so far away

Then up in your face

There they are one day

What do you have?

A Throwback

When moving along and

All things seem right

Then everything turns

From day to-night

What do you have?

A Throwback

When dreams were shattered

A long time ago

And you forgave the ones you know

Hurt you deeply

Broke your heart

Ripped and tore

Your insides apart

Life’s going great and on the mend

The healing process is over

The horrible treatment  end

Years have passed;

Time gone by

All of a sudden

Much to your surprise

The ugly head of your past did arise

What do you have?

A Throwback