I was born in Ohio many moons ago. I lived there all my life until December 2008. I then moved to Texas and have been here ever since.
A good thing did come from Ohio—me. Ohio was a great place to raise my kids. Several of them continue to live there. I also have siblings living in Ohio. I am the only one to move out-of-state.
The Ohio State University Buckeyes are known for their football and basketball teams.
Ohio has four seasons—summer, fall, winter, spring but Texas seems to have mainly two—fall and summer. I miss the distinct weather changes that go with the seasons. I do like the mild winters in Texas. I also miss the farmers markets or the ritual of visiting them. Places, people and things are a lot closer together in Ohio than in Texas.
I am forever grateful to Ohio for being what I needed to grow up and become the person that I am. I will always have a connection to Ohio as long as I have family there.

Have you ever visited Ohio? Do you know anyone that lives there?

11 thoughts on “Ohio

  1. I’ve been to Oho. I have a sister-in-law and a niece and nephew with great neaces and nephews! My first connection with Ohio came when I was in about six years old. My mom gave me a buckeye she had had for years. Then when sixth grade (I think) came along,.we were asked to write about one of the states. Since I had buckeye – I couldn’t resist Ohio! I sent for literature from the capital and received maps, stuff about agriculture, people, places and things.Then, one of my brothers moved there in the mid nineties. I kept my buckeye till I was an adult simply because it was a special gift from my mom duringi a very traumatic time in my life. Love you Mom.

  2. My mother is a native-born Ohioan, but lived most of her life in Kentucky. She came to Kentucky to find work as a young woman and that is where she met my father. It’s been years since I’ve seen my Ohio family. The funniest thing about my Ohio relatives is their accent–they say ‘you-uns’ instead of ‘ya’ll’ or ‘you all’. I always thought it was wierd, because at least ‘you all’ makes sense but ‘you’uns’ translates to ‘you ones’ and that seems to be somewhat redundant! So we have a common thread as well, Emma!

      • I did create a blog site last night! I am still somewhat confused as to how this works…I thought I was supposed to put it under my name, but it has named the blogsite my name, instead of giving me the option of having it named, like yours is “Lifes little surprises”. I am hoping to get it figured out and start posting soon! Thanks forthe encouragement Emma. 🙂

      • Mary Beth I’m not sure if I replied to this one or not. If you already have a reply and you get this one just know that “it’s all good”. I’m glad I can be an encouragement to you. I can’t wait to read your blogs. I know they will be great. I don’t know how wordpress works. I’m going to have to sit down and go through every detail to become familiar with it so I can work it to my advantage. That might work for you also. Blessings.

      • i did sign up for a blogsite yesterday! I haven’t began yet, I am somewhat confused as to how it all works–I signed up under my name, but the blog now seems to be titled mary beth lovett, instead of giving me the option of naming it like you did yours–Lifes Little Surprises. Is there two different steps that I’m missing? I will try and take the time to look over it in more detail later today. Thanks for the encouragement, Emma! 🙂

      • I wish I remembered how I did it. It must have been an accidental action. There’s a lot I still don’t know how to do. I have a lot of spams telling me what I did wrong. I’ll hold on to them and show them to someone who knows more than me.s
        God will help you figure it out.

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