I was born in Ohio many moons ago. I lived there all my life until December 2008. I then moved to Texas and have been here ever since.
A good thing did come from Ohio—me. Ohio was a great place to raise my kids. Several of them continue to live there. I also have siblings living in Ohio. I am the only one to move out-of-state.
The Ohio State University Buckeyes are known for their football and basketball teams.
Ohio has four seasons—summer, fall, winter, spring but Texas seems to have mainly two—fall and summer. I miss the distinct weather changes that go with the seasons. I do like the mild winters in Texas. I also miss the farmers markets or the ritual of visiting them. Places, people and things are a lot closer together in Ohio than in Texas.
I am forever grateful to Ohio for being what I needed to grow up and become the person that I am. I will always have a connection to Ohio as long as I have family there.

Have you ever visited Ohio? Do you know anyone that lives there?