Live, Laugh, Love

Live, Laugh, Love.

Live life to its fullest. Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way that will further your purpose. Do something you wouldn’t normally do. Step out of your comfort zone and into place that makes you a little uneasy.

Laugh a lot. It eases tension and does good like a medicine. Your laugh can bring healing to you and to others who hear it.

Love with all you got–with a passion. Love God, your fellow-man and yourself. Stay full of love and give it away freely. Also receive freely.


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I'm an unconventional writer who never knows how the project is going to turn out until it's finished. The project could be an article, short story, poetry or photography. For me that's the blessing of creativity. Come along with me as we embark on an adventure. Enjoy the ride.

16 thoughts on “Live, Laugh, Love

  1. Good advice. We need to live live to its fullest since tomorrow is not promised us. Visiting from A to Z.
    until next time…nel

    1. Thanks Holly. I’ve been so busy lately that mine are sometimes last minute or late. My plan is to finish this goal. I’m new at blogging and have been bumbling through with excitement. At the end I will be able to say mission accomplished.

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