Definitions of kindness: of a friendly or generous nature; showing sympathy, mercy, empathy, or understanding; beneficial to something’s function. Kindness is the act of being caring or warm in spirit. Having human kindness includes being friendly, generous, and having a warm heart. To have human kindness you must be free of habits that do not promote warm, friendly relationships. These bad habits include being haughty, being quarrelsome, and being envious of others.

If you came into contact with someone who doesn’t fit your idea of normal how would you treat them? Would your perception of normal get in the way of showing kindness to that person? Could you bestow any of the above kindness attributes to that person? Would you want someone to be kind to you no matter what they thought? I believe you would. I want kindness toward me from every person I come in contact with. Likewise my goal is to be kind to every person I meet.

Throughout the years I’ve witnessed many people being mistreated in a subtle way because they didn’t live up to the perception of normal in the eyes of others. They didn’t dress normal. They didn’t look normal. They didn’t talk normal—normal according to the perceiver—all outside perceptions. No one took time to look at their hearts.

I’ve had the opportunity to become acquainted with the rejected ones. I found that they were “normal”. Who would have thought? They operated in the above definition of kindness. The “ultra normal” missed out on receiving kindness by rejecting them because they didn’t look, act, or dress right. 

Lord, fill us up with Your kindness so it overflows on to every person we encounter that they will know they have been touched by an everlasting love that can only come from You.