Jumping rope is an activity that I’m not good at.

When I was a kid I could barely get through regular rope jumping. The fancy double dutch, skipping, twisting and turning I left for the experienced jumpers. Shying away from jumping contests kept me from being the joke of the day—the year. Turning the rope for someone else was the best that I could do.

This time in my life jumping rope would be a fitness tool rather than a contest. I envision my heart rate escalating at the touch of the rope. I can see myself caught up and tangled up in the rope trying to find a way out.

I’m going to change the channel that I see myself communicating with the jump rope. The new picture is me successfully mastering it to help me on my fitness journey.

How are you at jumping rope?

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream



That was a saying we had about ice cream when I was a child. That was what I felt about ice cream then as well as now. I can eat ice cream every day of the week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I like to try different flavors. I like to smear it over cookies, brownies, cakes and pies. Sometimes I add nuts, chocolate chips and any other fun things I can think of.

When I was a child there weren’t as many flavors as there are today. These days you can think up a flavor and an ice cream store somewhere probably has it.
Although I love ice cream with an everlasting love, these days I have to limit how much I indulge myself. It is very hard to deny myself but my pants and how they fit are the better for it.
My heart will always scream for Ice Cream all the days of my life.

Do you have a favorite thing that is your weakness? How do you maintain control?