Handbags Make Me Happy

One thing I can’t pass up when I go to the department store is looking at handbags. They are also called purses but because I’m writing a blog for the letter H handbag is what I am calling it today.

I always find my way to where they’re located in every store I go into. I run my hand across the material it is crafted from. I complete a thorough examination to see if it would fit my need. There are times I have to fight hard not to purchase another handbag to add to my collection.

I have big ones, small ones, and some in the middle. They are various colors, and textures. Sometimes my wallet is bigger than the one I want to carry. I am unconsciously filling them up with things I don’t really need and then I realize they feel like they weigh a ton.  How can I find a happy medium and not fill them to the brim.

I must admit I’m addicted to buying good handbags and my handbag addiction makes me happy.

11 thoughts on “Handbags Make Me Happy

  1. I’m super into handbags too – for some women, it’s shoes, but for me it’s bags and wallets! I’ve had to be a bit more circumspect with money the past few years, so haven’t bought so many lately – and truthfully, haven’t really liked what I’ve seen on the market. Then a couple of months ago I found a Carlos Santana bag, black leather with black suede fringe and slender chains that swished sassily to and fro and I fell in love with and bought it…and not a month later the metal loop on one side, through which the strap clips, broke! I haven’t had time to take it somewhere to see if it can be repaired, but oh, I sure hope it can be! 🙂

  2. Yep! Handbags need to look right, hang right and hold right. Then, of course, if I don’t have shoes in that color/material/texture – that’s the next purchase. (When when that old greenback is available)

  3. My vice is shoes, but recently I’ve been getting more and more bags to go with the right color shoes. I’ve yet to find that perfect bag that has everything I want, so I’ll probably keep buying more . . .

  4. great post! I am not addicted to handbags. For some reason, my weakness is trays: silver trays, wood trays, metal trays, plastic/ melamine trays, glass trays, ceramic trays … you get the idea. No idea where this tray fetish/ obsession comes from, but I am glad that trays are cheaper than other potential addictions, like Ferraris.


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