Grandsons are the Greatest

Grandsons are precious gems when your world is dominated by females. I have four granddaughters and two great granddaughters. Today I’m going to focus on my grandsons.

When my daughter was pregnant I had a talk with God about only wanting grandsons because there were too many girls in my family. I believe God listened—but at that point He didn’t respond. When my daughter was in labor He reminded me of my request. I knew at that moment I was getting a grandson. Later that evening we welcomed a little bundle of joy into our family and sure enough a boy arrived.

My next grandchild was a boy. I reminded God of my request but didn’t get any indication that another boy was forthcoming. A boy was born—another exciting event in my family.

I have not met my youngest grandson. I’ve only seen him on Skype and in pictures. I live in another part of the country from him. I will get to meet him next month because I’m going to my oldest grandson’s graduation from high school.

3 thoughts on “Grandsons are the Greatest

    • Thank you. I am really blessed. I love them all from the first one to the last one. I believe when I go to my grandson’s graduation I will get to see them all including meet the youngest one. I’m excited.
      I hope grandkids for you show up some day.

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