Handbags Make Me Happy

One thing I can’t pass up when I go to the department store is looking at handbags. They are also called purses but because I’m writing a blog for the letter H handbag is what I am calling it today.

I always find my way to where they’re located in every store I go into. I run my hand across the material it is crafted from. I complete a thorough examination to see if it would fit my need. There are times I have to fight hard not to purchase another handbag to add to my collection.

I have big ones, small ones, and some in the middle. They are various colors, and textures. Sometimes my wallet is bigger than the one I want to carry. I am unconsciously filling them up with things I don’t really need and then I realize they feel like they weigh a ton.  How can I find a happy medium and not fill them to the brim.

I must admit I’m addicted to buying good handbags and my handbag addiction makes me happy.

Grandsons are the Greatest

Grandsons are precious gems when your world is dominated by females. I have four granddaughters and two great granddaughters. Today I’m going to focus on my grandsons.

When my daughter was pregnant I had a talk with God about only wanting grandsons because there were too many girls in my family. I believe God listened—but at that point He didn’t respond. When my daughter was in labor He reminded me of my request. I knew at that moment I was getting a grandson. Later that evening we welcomed a little bundle of joy into our family and sure enough a boy arrived.

My next grandchild was a boy. I reminded God of my request but didn’t get any indication that another boy was forthcoming. A boy was born—another exciting event in my family.

I have not met my youngest grandson. I’ve only seen him on Skype and in pictures. I live in another part of the country from him. I will get to meet him next month because I’m going to my oldest grandson’s graduation from high school.

Faith, Favor, Focus

The Bible says without faith it is impossible to please God.

I try to keep this verse in the forefront of my mind. I always want to please God. He knows my heart so He reminds me when I need a reminder.

I have favor with God and man. Every day I declare that I have Shalom in my life—wholeness, benefit, prosperity and favor. Every day all of these operate in my life. I expect these to happen and God hasn’t disappointed me yet. Sometimes it comes in little ways and sometimes in big ways—however Father God chooses.

During my daily walk I try to keep my focus on God. Even when my thoughts stray and I recognize it I immediately pull back and submit to God. It is not easy but my desire to be pleasing to God in every way and the fact that I get to keeps me motivated.