All cakes that look beautiful don’t always taste good. Likewise cakes that look bad don’t always taste bad.
Years ago I was curious about decorating cakes. One day I decided to take a class to put my curiosity to rest. Immediately I connected with the craft—the artist in me became activated.
A coworker found out I was decorating cakes and started challenging me to create all sorts of designs. A space ship, valentines cake and roller skates were a few of the ways she pulled on my creative ability. I met the challenges and was paid for letting the artist in me come forth.
A baby shower cake I created for a friend landed my first wedding cake adventure. This was the biggest challenge I encountered but I accepted it and the results were amazing.

I had the privilege of creating a beautiful wedding cake for my youngest sister when she got married. It was a gift from me and our sister. That cake was delicious as well as beautiful.
I made birthday cakes for my children when they were little. As they got older I would make the cake and icing and fill the icing bags. As part of their birthday celebration they and their friends would ice and decorate the cake. They had a great time making some interesting cakes.
It has been years since I created beautiful and delicious cakes. I am missing one decorating technique from my repertoire. I have been contemplating taking a fondant class to round out my decorating skills. That might stir up that buried desire to be creative in that venue again. At this time in my life I would like to have a little business making cakes that aren’t decorated-Carrot, German Chocolate, and others.
Question: What journey have you been on? Did you get to your expected end or did you give up?


  1. Mom,

    I remember as a kid you making all of those great cakes as well as you being mad at us for eating your icing. Lol. As you know, I too have been bit with the cake decorating bug. Although, I am not half as creative as you are. I am hoping to become more confident in my abilities so that I might be able to start a successful side business.

    Thanks for your inspiration and encouragement.

    Love you,


  2. your cakes sound wonderful—that would be so great if you had a shop—cake is a awesome thing–great post!

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