A God Opportunity Almost Missed

Occasionally I receive coupons from Dairy Queen to buy one Blizzard and get one free. I spent my coupon yesterday. After much thought, I chose two different flavors—one to eat and the other to put in the freezer for later.  The first Blizzard was my favorite (Turtle Pecan Cluster) and the other (Georgia Mud Fudge), a flavor I wanted to try.
I picked up both of my Blizzards and turned to leave.  A gentleman coming into the store jokingly said, “Is one of those for me?”

“Do you want one?” I replied in the same joking tone.

“Yeah,” he said.

I smiled and walked out the door to get in my car.

I couldn’t leave. Had I missed an opportunity to bless someone? Probably.  I didn’t need to eat both of those Blizzards.

The gentleman disappears behind a door. I waited behind the wheel, my eyes fixed on the door.
When he reappeared I went into the Dairy Queen—Blizzards in hand. I found him waiting for his order.

“I have two different flavors, Pecan Cluster and Georgia Mud Fudge. Which would you like?”

He kindly refused saying I should give them to my kids. I shared with him that my kids were grown and asked him again which one would he like.

“Georgia Mud Fudge”. He smiled, thanked me and kissed me on my cheek.

I walked to my car radiating a smile with great joy filling my heart.
I almost missed a great opportunity to bless a total stranger. I’m glad I recognized the situation that had been laid out for me and acted upon it. Not so I could be puffed up because I did a good thing, but because I blessed someone I didn’t know who never expected to be blessed.

From this day forward, I will keep my radar on looking for more opportunities to bless someone I don’t know.
Have you ever had an opportunity to be a blessing to someone you didn’t know in a small or big way? Did you act on the opportunity? How did you feel when you followed your instinct? Or when you ignored it?


3 thoughts on “A God Opportunity Almost Missed

    • Thanks Mimi for your comment. I believe the gentleman used the restroom. He probably was ordering dinner because it was evening. I’m going to use my imagination. Maybe he was an Angel and it was test time for me. Although I was a little slow I believe I passed the test. My refresher/lesson was I need to be alert to the person God wants to bless through me every day by word or deed. Blessings. Emma

  1. I love this! You never know who you’re blessing, or how significant that blessing might be. Lovely story. Sorry it took me so long to read this post…….see you at church in the morning!

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