I Had a Conversation with God. He talked-I listened.

You need to expand. Expand what you think, see and believe. I didn’t bring you here to think, see and believe in a small way. By continuing that way you are limiting me. I am a limitless God. You are trying to fit me in a box that I don’t fit in. I can’t be boxed. By not changing and submitting to where I want to take you, you are hurting yourself. With your fear and unbelief I can’t increase you and take you to the next step in your purpose and destiny. You have made a big step by moving from Ohio to Texas but as I told you before, I’m God in Texas like I’m God in Ohio.

As you move around Texas you see how big and expansive everything is. I’m bigger and more expansive than what you see. When you look down a road, you only see so far but the road continues on–I’m bigger and reach farther than that.

Moving was a small thing compared to what I have planned for you. Increase your expectation of me. Remember whatever you think, I’m greater than that. Whatever you see, I’m more than that. Get excited, rejoice and let no one discourage you. Look to me and look for me in your everyday activities.

Don’t think you are limited to Texas. Just like I brought you to Texas time and again, I plan to take you to other places. Some will be for my purpose and others will be for your pleasure. What I have put in you will not lay dormant, but will be used to free the captives. Don’t be concerned about anything in your life. I have that already taken care of.

Trust me and watch. You won’t be disappointed.