Getting To Life After

Retirement is everything I wrote about in my previous blog. There is another side. Making the final step to retirement can be challenging. You can say I can’t wait until I retire–I never wanted to work. Are you really ready to give up that job that has become a security blanket? Did you know you have become more attached than you ever thought you would? That makes your job an idol.
I found myself in that position. Once I faced the fact that the job was my idol, I decided I needed to call and give a date to retire. When I attempted to set the date another monster showed up. That monster was fear. It shook me for several hours and then peace washed over me and I was able to give a date. Once I faced off the demons, idol and fear, I was able to step into my future and haven’t looked back.
I had a mindset about retirement that I wasn’t aware of until I had to evaluate the big picture. Having an attachment to my job that held me captive, I unconsciously equated retirement with being old, put out to pasture, and useless. I was younger than most people when they retired so I didn’t want to be seen in that light. I had to leave my job to continue in the purpose and destiny God had for me.
My fears were unfounded. I left my job with compensation for my years of service, moved to another state and into a new stage of my life. I’m partaking in the perks of not having to punch a time clock and under God–I’m my own boss.
I’m truly blessed.

2 thoughts on “Getting To Life After

  1. boy I hear you. Last summer, I finally picked a date. I was going to retire April 5th, 2012. two months later, I found out my husband had cancer. Guess who is no longer working? guess who now has NO idea about retirement! Life does deal out surprises, and we are foolish mortals when we attempt to make plans like that. We were told; make plans but do not EXPECT to know the outcome. hahahaha
    I am doing the A to Z challenge, see you around!

    Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors

    • What would life be like without the little surprises. Sometimes our perceptions our a little off but holding tightly to God’s hand gets us exactly where we need to be. Thanks for commenting. Yeah A to Z challenge.

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