“The combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce chords having a pleasing effect; the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.”

Let harmony arise at the intermingling of the sound.


These ladies were preparing to bring entertainment to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday.

Karma Chameleon I

After I responded to what I thought was today’s  daily prompt I went back to find that this prompt was from April 18, 2015 and was connected to my prompt for today. Can’t remember if I wrote about it then but here it is now.

This just in: let’s pretend that science has proven that karma is a thing. Your words and actions will influence what happens to you in the future. How (if at all) will you change your ways?

Proverbs 18:21 in The Message (MSG) Bible says:

Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit-you chose.

Science does nothing but prove the Bible is correct-as if it needed to be proven.

I keep in mind that the words I speak can kill or give life to me or someone I speak to or about. With that in mind I choose my words carefully. If I can’t say something good I won’t say anything at all. I may wonder why someone does or say a thing. But at the end of the day only God knows the true intent of the heart which so often makes the lips speak.

Remember don’t commit suicide or kill anyone with what passes through your lips today.

Voice Work

Your blog is about to be recorded into an audiobook. If you could choose anyone — from your grandma to Samuel L. Jackson — to narrate your posts, who would it be?

Since this is make believe and you didn’t say the person had to be alive the person I’d choose is now deceased. That person is Maya Angelou.

As I started writing James Earl Jones came to mind. So I’d choose him also. Maybe they could collaborate. It would be a fantastic audiobook.

Stroke of Midnight

Where were you last night at midnight? Would you have wanted to be somewhere else?

At the stroke of midnight New Year’s Eve I was in the bed fast asleep.

My church started a four day conference that evening. I’d worked all day and then attended the conference afterwards. By the time it ended I was exhausted and made my way home to get in bed to get rested for the next three days.

If I wasn’t attending the conference I’d be at home wrapped in a warm blanket eating and drinking goodies, watching television and playing Words with Friends on my iPad.

Sounds like a safe, relaxing way to end one year and bring in the new.

A Brand New You, Effective Tomorrow

Tomorrow you get to become anyone in the world that you wish. Who are you? You can choose to be anyone alive today, or someone gone long ago. If you decide to stay “you” share your rationale.

I’m going to continue to be me.

There are no perfect people in the world. That means there is no one better than me. In my day-to-day life I come across people that have issues that they don’t know what to do with and some of their issues are worse than mine. I’ll continue to work on improving me.

I have every thing I need and am lacking nothing. Most of all I have Jesus as my Lord who is the head of my life. There are many people I know or come in contact with that don’t have a relationship, some don’t want one, with Jesus.

I know me. I know what it takes to become a better me. I don’t have to try and figure out what it takes and then get it wrong. I will work on being the best me that I can be starting tomorrow, next year, 2016.

Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other – He Knows

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other.”

Write a six-word story about what you think the future holds for you, and then expand on it in a post.

He knows His plan for me

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11 NLT

My future was ordained by the Lord before I was knit in my mother’s womb. It is for good and not evil. He has given me a future although it hasn’t fully unfolded before me. Along with the future came hope. That hope is what I hold on to when I can’t see anything resembling a future. One thing I have to remind myself of is what I see as my future might not look like the future the Lord as put together for me.

For that reason I keep in constant contact with Him through looking and listening and being quite so I can hear the still small voice that’s booming loud and clear.

Let’s Do Trains Again

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Trains, Planes, and Automobiles.

Trains, planes, automobiles, buses have been my mode of transportation at one time or another in my life.

Traveling with my grandfather as a little child I was elected to talk to him so he wouldn’t go to sleep while driving. You guessed it, everyone else was asleep, I would lean on his seat and talk to him until we were home safe.

When I was older we would travel from the town where we lived to visit my grandmother in another city. That was before craziness became a part of Greyhound bus rides.

Every summer we’d visit my uncles and aunts in Chicago. We’d go in a car but ride the train home. At first I was afraid but quickly got over the fear and looked forward  to the ride.

When I was sixteen years old I was nominated to take my grandmother to New York to stay with her sister, That is a trip that I’ll never forget. It was a rough trip because I had to stay awake throughout the night to keep an eye on her. But by the grace of God we made it.

My first plane ride was to Chicago. I took my two young children on their first ride. They were a bit too young to remember. I realized that was the best way to get somewhere, have plenty of time to visit and get back home without being exhausted.

Last year I rode the train twice, from Rome airport into Rome and from Rome to Venice. Those were exciting train rides especially being my first time in Europe and not having a clue what I was doing.

I traveled in Venice by water taxis. That was the most relaxing mode of transportation I’ve ever experience. Can’t wait to do it again.

On my list now is to travel all over Europe by train and travel all over America by train also.

I’m ready to do trains again.