A Quiet Day

Today has been a quiet day. I read my devotions and scripture references that followed. I reflected on the goodness of God and how He is in complete control no matter how much the news is trying to convince us otherwise. God’s peace is covering me and I’m thankful for that.

I haven’t turned the television or music on. My thoughts are the loudest noise I hear while I anticipate hearing from God concerning the direction I’m to go.

The last week I’ve had work done in my home. A lot of things that have been taken down and moved need to be replaced. One thing I can say for sure that most things will not end up in the same place. Just maybe that is a good thing. I will have a place that will look new even though it’s only been rearranged. Some things will not reappear. Some pieces will be given away and some will be thrown away. It’s a new day.

That is how I’m thinking about the way I want my life to be when we become free birds again. I’m not interest in adding every single thing I use to do back into my life. I enjoy the quiet days – days I either do something or do nothing. I work on projects I didn’t have time to do before with the hustle and bustle of going here, there, and everywhere with no end in sight. I will choose the most important activities I like and put the others on the shelf of my thoughts to revisit at a later date. My life will not be the same as before.

Today I will fill my Hummingbird feeders out so they can come back and visit regularly. Maybe I’ll soak in the tub while enjoying Smooth Jazz and a sip of something.

This will continue to be a quiet day for me. How about you?

Celebrating A Birthday I’m Thankful For – Momma I Will Never Forget

Back in the 1920’s on November 18 God’s plan to bring me into the earth was well on its way. My Mother was born. Years later after marrying my Father I showed up.

I am forever thankful that God allowed her to be my Mom. She was the most beautiful person I know from the inside out. Everyone who knew her loved her. She never met a stranger.

I had a close bond with my Mom from the day I was born that lasted till the day she went to be with The Lord. She would always tell me I was special. I wasn’t much of a talker and periodically she would ask me if there was anything I wanted to talk about. Of course my answer was always no.

Our close bond continued into my adulthood. I would say Momma would you….. and her answer was always yes baby.

She was the best Grandma any kids could have. Fortunately my kids had that privilege. Mom lived long enough to love on her oldest great grandson.

Mom taught me how to be a decent human being. She instilled in me the bottom line is do the right thing. Respect for my elders was important-yes mam, no sir was and still is the respectful way to answer.

Momma I’m thankful that you were assigned to bring me into this world to nurture and grow me up to be the godly human being I’ve turned out to be.

I’ll always love you and celebrate you every year on the day of your birth.

Thankful for My Exodus

I’m not the same person I was four years ago when I made my exodus from Ohio to Texas. When I arrived in Texas I was a hot mess and I didn’t realize it. The fact is I was a hot mess in Ohio before I left but it wasn’t easy to detect.

I’m thankful that today, 3 years 11 months later I’m a new person from the inside out. I’ve been delivered from many issues that have haunted me for a long time. Not only did I overcome the issues but also lost weight. Those issues would have hindered me from moving into my purpose and destiny. I’m liking who I have become. All this has happened by the gentle hand of God.

Can you look at your life and see anything you’ve been delivered from? Has your life changed as a result of the deliverance?