The finale of a reality show aired this past Sunday. After the finale an after show came on with only one of the stars of the show and the host. The host asked questions that required the star’s opinion. She gave her opinion. Some answers were direct and she danced around others.

Today there was an article about the after show on Yahoo.com. It wasn’t a good or bad article. The article talked about the content of the show and gave statistics about viewer percentage for the season that just ended. There were more comments than I had time to read from a multitude of viewers of the reality show and the after show. Everyone was expressing their opinions.

Now it’s time for my opinion.

The after show was probably fixed. The guest was someone who gives her opinion even when no one asks for it and doesn’t care if you like what she says or not. She is the one everyone loves to hate.

The commenters were railing on the star that was the only guest on the after show. They were ready to band together and sign a petition to have her kicked off the show. There were a few other people they wanted to give the boot to also. But they wanted to keep the docile people on there.

What kind of show would that be? Every person on the show needs to stay because they have individual purposes to make the show work. The show just had its best season so I doubt they will fire anyone next season.

I posted my comment to let them know that if the producers fixed the show the way they wanted it no one would watch it. Since they all hated it maybe they should stop watching it.

So what I got out of all of this is we all have opinions-right, wrong or indifferent. Our opinions get more pronounced when they are made public, we are anonymous and it costs us nothing to put it out with no consequence.