My Cool Sunshiny Day

Today is a perfect day to enjoy by back yard This is the first chance I’ve had in a couple weeks because of my busy schedule and extremely hot weather. I gathered my bible, journal, worship music along with a cup of coffee and made my way out back. I call my outdoor comfy place my veranda instead of a patio in the voice of an aristocrat.

Before I relaxed I started doing a little yard/plant work. Something an aristocrat would never do. They’d have hired help. I cleaned and refilled my hummingbird feeders. The next project was ridding the flowerpots of the dead parts of the summer plants that have succumbed to the stressfully smoking hot weather. I’m getting ready for fall flowers that I will plant in a few weeks.

After I had enough of that I took my seat and the show I wasn’t expecting began. When I looked up there were my sweet hummingbirds. I call them mine because they show up multiple times every day. Today they hung around all while I was sitting out. One of them was almost close enough to touch. The two of them chased each other flying back and forth.

Wasps, bees and other flying creatures took their part in the production. Then along came a bright green lizard looking creature. I watched it climb up a tree limb until it disappeared. After a while I saw something and realized it was the lizard. It was on an exploratory mission and decided to climb the bird feeder pole. The hummingbird stopped by to get a sip and when it saw the lizard it had a fit. I guess they are not only territorial against other hummingbirds but anything in their way. They are awful fierce to be so small.

The lizard decided to explore further than the pole but the empty bird feeders that hang empty because of squirrels eating the bird seed. That little creature found its way inside one feeder after another. His journey is taking him to parts unknown-at least to me.

I’ve been sitting out enjoying the cool weather but now the temperature is rising. The show has ended and I’m going to make my way into a cool and comfortable place inside. If tomorrow is like today I will be here enjoying the perfect morning weather on my veranda.

Pecking, Squawking, There’s a Brawl Going On

There’s a fight in my yard.  No referee to be found. A brawl—it must be a brawl. Wings flapping frantically, squawking and pecking.  Ducking and dodging, perch dives. I should be selling tickets for this event. And the winner is…

A year ago I bought my first bird feeder to draw wild birds to my yard. This year I added a couple more feeders including a Hummingbird feeder.

One of the feeders has two perches. That doesn’t work when there are four or more birds fighting for their turn.

The other feeder’s perch can accommodate at least six birds. Sometimes that doesn’t work either.

The bigger feeder has different food in it. I’ve come to the conclusion the birds like the food in the little feeder better. They will eat the other food but prefer what’s in the little feeder. It’s like preferring to eat a nice steak dinner as opposed to going to a fast food joint.

I filled all of them this morning and the little one is already empty. So what are they fighting for? I wish I knew. They could stop fighting and fly over to the other one and have a satisfying meal.

I don’t want a fast food meal instead of a steak dinner.

In order to calm the brawlers down I’m going to buy a bigger feeder with four to six perches for the preferred food. Little do they know but they will have to eat the three bags of food until it’s gone.

No brawlers allowed.