A to Z 2015 Blog Challenge – Green

I’m sitting at my desk in front of the window with my eyes open. I realized I wasn’t seeing what I was looking at.

Now that I am seeing, I see green everywhere. The grass, bushes, and trees. The tree and bushes in front of the window are filling up with new leaves. By the end of the week I won’t be able to see across the street. I opened the door to take it all in. Very refreshing.

I have more green grass now than I’ve had in the six years I’ve live here. My Iris’s usually don’t have blooms—just greenery. This year they are full of buds and blooms.

I have two Holly bushes that never lose their green leaves. They do produce white flowers that attract bees every year for a shot time. The bees are all over them now.

A beautiful red bird was an unexpected surprise that landed in my tree. I grabbed my camera to get a picture. He flew away but not far. He perched on my neighbor’s roof and I was able to get a photo. I got a photo of a Bumble Bee on the white flowers.

I relish God’s handiwork when he decorates the earth as the seasons change. He creates a masterpiece like no other.

Green is Good

Everywhere I look I see green. Green is growing everywhere. The trees, grass and bushes are being clothed in their new wardrobe for this spring and summer season.

I not only like green outside, my love for green grows inside too. Flowers are sprinkled throughout my home. They bring freshness and a delight. A splash of green also covers the walls that clothe me in peace.

Green doesn’t stop there. It makes its way into my closet and appears in my wardrobe. Ranging from dresses to shoes to jewelry.

One green that is not allowed in my presence is the “Green Eyed Monster.” There is no place or time for that. It doesn’t fit and I don’t force it or submit to it.

Good green is what I mean.