Look Back

Look back at the beginning of the year

Is there anything you can hold dear

The road may have been rough

Many days very tough

Times nothing looked good but the bed

When there was no drive to go on 

Wanting to let loose

But kept holding on

Battled fear and doubt

Crying out what is this all about

Look back once again

See how far you’ve come

Now at the end

It’s time to give thanks

For His faithfulness

To stand by your side

As He’d gently guide

You to His expected end.


Lord what are you up to today

Every morning this is what I say

Gazing out the window

To peak at the new day

I’m taking care of everything

Is His reply to me

Even concerning the birds you see

Sitting in the tree

It’s wintertime

Though the season’s changed

They lack nothing

Because I prepared a way

For them to be protected

From  harsh winter wind

I’ve provided berries

On bushes and trees

That will keep them fed

Until the cold winter ends

As you can see

I’m as busy as can be

Fulfilling my word

About the faithfulness of Me.