Having a little trouble finding an X word to write about. I’m having to manipulate a word a bit. The word I’m going to write about is x-cite.

Some things that x-cite me are:

Music-I love music, especially smooth jazz. Some people say it’s not real jazz but it’s real enough for me. It’s smooth jazz for a smooth operator.

Writing-has been a deliverance tool for me. The more I write the freer I become. I may not be good at writing, it is helps me face hard things I would normally not address.

It would really x-cite me to hug, kiss and hold my grand babies. I would be x-cited to see the twinkle in their eyes and the cute way their mouths curve into a smile knowing that their grandma was lovingly hugging them.

I could go on but I’m sure you get the idea.

What x-cites you?

From the Cradle to College

Eighteen years ago Brandon was five months old. Today he is a freshman in college. How time flies. Brandon was a beautiful, happy, dimpled cheek baby. He’s come a long way from the preemie who was born two months early to the wonderful young man he is today. Today he is a handsome, strong young man focused on completing his new journey with the help of the Lord to fulfill the purpose and destiny that was ordained for him from the foundation of the earth

When. I attended his graduation from high school I saw success all over him as he walked in. I didn’t see a teenager making his way to his seat unsure of himself. I saw a successful business man who knew where he was going. God gave me a glimpse into my grandson’s future.

My heart is overflowing with love and pride that he is on his way to the greatness God said he will have.

Have you had a glimpse into the lives of someone close to you?

My Name is Baby

Today my guest is a fellow member of North Texas Christian Writers Glory Writers Group that meets monthly in Corinth, Texas. Chip Groff is his name. Among his many talents he is a writer. He is a very shy person but he writes good stuff.
He wrote the poem for a couple who was adopting a baby. I’m sure they appreciated the lovely poem.
Maybe I can get him to share his talents with us again. Enjoy.

My Name is Baby

My name is Baby, I’ve just begun,
A gift from above, just like God’s Son

Tender and gentle, I feel the love,
Mommy and Daddy have from above.

I will learn to love like that too,
I think, maybe, I already do.

I’ll grow and I’ll learn, and I’ll do fun things,
And I’ll thank my God for all His blessings.

But for Now, I can’t do much
But fill my soul with my parent’s touch.

By Chip Groff

Thanks Chip for sharing.

Happy Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day and  we are honoring the men who have taken on the Father’s role of  in someone’s life.

Being a father is more than wearing the title. A father’s role is just as important as the mother’s role.  Hugs and kisses can come from the Father too. A child needs what both parents have to impart in their lives.  Wisdom and direction from father is missing when the father has no active part in the child’s life. That leaves the child lop-sided and it shows as they grow in their life.

My hat goes off to the fathers. It is not an easy job and I honor the one’s that stuck in there and didn’t bail.

Keep up the good work. Payday will be when you look at your children and they are good productive citizens that add to and not subtract from society.

Blessings to you all.

Zoo – The Last Gathering A to Z Challenge

A memorable time for me and three of my grandchildren before I moved to another state was going to the zoo’s light show.

Every year the Zoo is decorated with millions of beautiful lights and hosts various festivities to celebrate the holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I decided to take my grandchildren for an enjoyable time. It was our first time at this event. In spite of the cold we had a wonderful time. No one complained. It was a surreal time. When I think about that day I can still feel the peace and calm that we experienced on our adventure.

We made our way through the zoo enjoying the light show and the animals. I also took pictures to remember the outing but they didn’t come out well because it was night. In spite of the pictures not turning out I have a picture in my heart that will last a lifetime.

Do you have any memorable times hidden in your heart?