I’ve been waiting many years for manifestations of many promises that haven’t happened. I’m not getting any younger either. I’ve been frustrated many times especially when it seems everyone around me is having their desires and promises met. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for those who make it to their promise land. I’m just sad and perplexed that mine aren’t manifesting. Some of my desires or promises are multilevel where all levels have to be fulfilled to have completion.

How do we go through the door before us where the fulfilled promise or desire is just on the other side. The door is glass and we can see it but we can’t get to it. At this point I don’t have a clue.

I just heard “having done all to stand, stand.” I don’t know if that resonates with anyone else but I do believe  it’s for me. I’m going to stand on God’s promises to me but will keep moving forward in as much of my purpose and destiny as I have revelation. I will execute every step of the journey as it is revealed to me. I will rejoice as I praise Him before I see the manifestation of the promises in my life.

Hannah didn’t stop petitioning God for a baby until she received what was deep within her heart. She trusted God for the baby and then trusted Him with the baby. Because of her sacrifice it opened the door wider and she received more children than she probably ever thought she would have.

Many times I wish God would say either yes but in my time or no it’s not happening. Then I remember His ways are not my ways and His thoughts are not my thoughts. So I have to go with that.

Maybe the enemy of our soul is whispering in our ear that it’s taking too long and we are getting too old so we better take matters into our own hands and make things happen. If we are foolish enough to fall in that trap we are done because he’s accomplished his mission of getting us out of time. Then we will really be in a mess.

I believe God is going to return to me everything the canker worm has stolen from me and also fulfill the promises He’s made to me. He’s indeed not a man that He should lie.

So I’m sticking with Him.

I hope you find peace and do also

From Dream Home to Cattle Ranch

For a few weeks I have been scouring books from the library for information on building my dream home.

I’ve looked at many house plans but there’s never one that has everything I’m looking for. That means I need to hire an Architect, present her with faucet and ask her to build my house around it. I saw that on a commercial but I believe that is what I need to get my dream home.

I want my dream home to reflect my personality. I’m not sure what that would look like. Building a home from the ground up is a daunting task but how else can I get what I want.

Do I want a one story or two-story, brick or stone. All the information is swirling in my head. It is intimidating because I don’t know anything about the task.

I found myself wanting to own a ranch raising cattle. I know less about having a cattle ranch than building a home. I think I want to build my dream home on enough land to have a ranch not too far from the city.

I will keep searching and do some rough sketching until I have something that an architect can turn into my dream home.

Do you have a dream that seems too overwhelming to complete? Have you figured out how to make your dream a reality?

She Set Her Eyes on the Prize-She Won

Tonight was the beginning of the fall/winter bowling league. In this league there are different categories to win money. Highest scratch (no handicap), highest handicap to name a few.

A young lady came tonight determined to win all the prizes. She needed the money in the worst way.

One might say how can she afford to bowl. All the members were blessed with the fees paid by a benefactor.

The young lady set her eyes on the prize, focused and hit her mark with every release of the ball. She accomplished what she set out to do. She won in every category except the men’s. When it was over she won more than she thought she would.

We never know what God is going to use to answer our prayer. We better keep our eyes on Him.

He fed a widow and her son with her flour and oil being extended until the drought was over. (I Kings 17) Although she was at the end of her supplies she trusted and obeyed God and He provided.

Another widow and her sons filled up many borrowed vessels with a continual flow oil until the vessels ran out to pay off the debt of her deceased husband and live off the rest. She followed the direction of the Prophet and the miracle kept her sons from being imprisoned. (II Kings 4)

Don’t close God in a box because He’ll surprise you every time.

Question: When was the last time God answered your prayer or supplied your need in a way you least expected?