#atozchallenge – Zero


Thirty days of April is when we accept the challenge

To write our very best though some days it’s hard

Many have a plan and others take each day as it comes

No matter the struggle we’re having fun

Every day the challenge is staring you in your face

You may get behind but don’t give up on the race

Wondering how can I get through this

So many things on my plate

Some how there is grace

Although they might be posted late

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the race

To complete your commitment

The A to Z challenge

Twenty-six out of a thirty-day pace

The next day is Zero

Though it is number one

Congrats to all the A to Z Challengers#

#atozchallenge – We All Praise YAH – James Vincent

We All Praise YAH – James Vincent

We all praise YAH during our times of trials

We all praise YAH our God

When seasons change

Faithful One you stay the same

We all praise YAH our God

For the One who was

And the One who is

For the One who’s coming again

We all praise YAH we all praise YAH

We all praise YAH our God

When the days grow dim

Surety of the life has passed

Into the hands of men like me

I will lift my eyes

For He is my Hope

And I will still praise

YAH my God