#atozchallenge – Ketchup



There is nothing more fun than breaking bread with friends.

After careful deliberation we agreed upon a restaurant that was a new lunchtime experience for all of us.

The food was excellent—seasoned to perfection. The serving sizes met expectations. I brought part of mine home for dinner.

One friend had almost finished her meal when she realized the need for something to neutralize the spiciness of her meal. Her first thought was dessert but a light bulb turned on and ketchup was the answer.

Ketchup wasn’t on the table—only hot sauce and that was a no. We laugh about ketchup not being included with the condiments. She finally asked the waiter for some.

The ketchup helped her finish her meal and took the place of dessert combating the savory.

I would have never thought to use the sweetness of ketchup to combat a savory, spicy flavor. Dessert would have been my choice but I learned ketchup is good for more than slathering fries.