#atozchallenge -E-mails, E-mails and More E-mails


It is a shame a person that doesn’t own a business has five different email addresses. Out of the five only three get special attention. The other two are checked every once in a while.

Most of these sixteen thousand plus emails haven’t been read and need to be deleted. Not sure why I let them hang around. I don’t know how I started receiving some of them, especially ones I never heard of.

I’m beginning to think I need some lessons to help me better manage these out of control emails that are trying to overtake me.

A thought just came to me. I’ll delete around fifty every day and unsubscribe the ones I have no interest in. Bottom line—I need to stop dragging my feet.

I’m looking forward to E-mails, E-mails, Less E-mails.

6 thoughts on “#atozchallenge -E-mails, E-mails and More E-mails

  1. Have you checked out unroll.me? Of course it will only really help you with emails that you check often, but any help is still help I think. Every time you receive an email it catalogs the senders and asks you “do you want me to add this to your email roll up, leave in your inbox, or unsubscribe you?” If you say “add to my roll up”, then every day you will receive one email with all of the junkmail/real mail you didn’t want to unsubscribe from for that day. All other mail will either be unsubscribed from or you will continue to receive in your inbox like normal. I love unroll.me! It keeps me from checking my email every 5 minutes during the day (just to keep my inbox clean)!

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