#atozchallenge – Apology


Today is the beginning of the A to Z Blogging Challenge. There will be twenty-six days of great fun, writing and reading.

For letter A my topic is Apology.

An apology is what someone gives if wrong words or actions have been perceived. It’s just a perception and doesn’t mean they actually did anything wrong.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if what was said or done was actually wrong. People take things in different ways. What bothers one person may not affect another. The bottom line may be there is a need for an apology.

Probably the hardest apology needs to be given when the giver doesn’t feel they said or did anything wrong. This one will probably save a relationship.

The hardest one is when it accomplished the intent but in the process almost destroyed a person. Submission to doing the right thing is needful.

Most of the times I’ve given an apology were easy because I wanted to make sure the air was clear between me and whomever I apologized to. There has been instances where the person said there was no need for me to apologize because I hadn’t done anything.

Although I was glad to hear that it was also good to know they weren’t offended.

How have you handled giving an apology?


9 thoughts on “#atozchallenge – Apology

  1. When I was a child I hated giving apologies! I wouldn’t say I like giving them now, but with age comes wisdom and I see the importance of keeping short accounts with people.
    @ShonnaSlayton from
    Author Shonna Slayton

    • I believe apologizing is a learned behavior. I remember when my children were little. They never wanted to say sorry. As they got older they seemed to be able apologize easier. I don’t want that little voice in my head telling me ‘shame on you’ for not apologizing or missing the opportunity to apologize. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Blessings.

  2. I am weird about apologies. I believe an apology should mean, “I’m sorry I did this and I won’t do it again,” but too often they mean, “I’m sorry I did this at this time,” or, “I’m sorry I got caught.” I don’t offer apologies too often, but when I do, you can bet I am saying that I have true remorse for what I did and I will not do it again (I am GREAT at learning from mistakes LOL). I don’t accept apologies easily because they are so often hollow. When people offer apologies, they need to really think about what they are saying when they utter those words, “I’m sorry.”

    • It’s amazing how you can discern when a person is sincere in their apology. I rather a person don’t apology if they don’t mean it. Sometimes apologizing is more for the one giving it than the receiver – if their heart is right. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Blessings.

  3. What a great post! I think as women we sometimes apologize too much but you are so right, it is always wiser to apologize and save a relationship. Good luck with the challenge!

    • I’ve heard women say I’m sorry when there was nothing to be sorry for. We need to learn how to assess the situation before we speak a word and carefully choose the words we speak. Blessings.

  4. I think it’s very important to learn to apologize quickly and sincerely, not only when we are certain that we were in the wrong, but also at the times we feel it would be the best way to resolve a misunderstanding in a relationship that is important to us. As it is aptly said, “it is better to be kind than right.”. On the other end of the issue, we don’t want to be placed in a position or relationship where we are bullied into always admitting that we were in the wrong when in truth we really weren’t. That’s not an apology, that’s being a doormat!
    Josie Two Shoes from Josie’s Journal

    • It takes wisdom to know which way to go – to apologize or not. I’ve been on both sides. When I wanted to apologize to make things right one time, I was prevented. This situation finally worked itself out. Blessings.

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