A to Z Blog Challenge 2015 E – Easter Bunny

I have been pondering Easter and Resurrection, trying to figure out how they are interchangeable. The resurrection has to do with what Jesus did to redeem us from the grip of Satan. The Easter Bunny has to do with what?

How does eggs and candy fit in? Where does the Easter Bunny get the eggs—maybe from his chicken friend? Does he dye them and bring them to your house and hide them or do you and your kids dye the eggs that are purchased from the store? Then he hops down the bunny trail to your house to hide them and bring candy. Does the bunny make the candy like Santa makes toys or stop by Wal-Mart on his way and picks up the candy? Since kids can have their pictures taken with the bunny at the mall, is he a bunny helper while the real bunny is checking his list twice to see which kids have been naughty or nice. Maybe that’s only what Santa does.

One more question. How does the bunny get in your house—through the door? Santa has dibs on the chimney for his Christmas visit.

I could belabor this but I’m done. Have you ever given this a thought?