A to Z Challenge – Angels

Angels are fascinating beings. Some people believe they exist and others believe they are a fantasy. I believe they exist and not because I read it in a book or heard stories about them.

So I want to share my perception of Angels.

There are different Angels with different assignments throughout the heavens and earth. Some minister to God in heaven and others minister to man on earth.

Angels are spirit beings that can manifest themselves as human beings when their assignment calls for that transition.

I’ve always believed there were Angels but I never gave much thought about where they were and what they looked like. At one point in my life I started asking The Lord to see my Angels that watch over me. The day came when my prayers were answered. I saw two enormous beings standing in front of my living room window conversing with each other. I don’t know if it was a natural or spiritual experience, but I do know what I saw. After that experience there was no way I could believe Angels are those chubby babies that sit on Jesus’ lap and shoulders.

Since I had that divine experience I’ve had many occasions to experience the presence of my Angels. I’ve also had revelations of how they protected me since I was a child. I am grateful to have Angel assistance in my life.

Have you had an encounter with an Angel?

Statue of a Warrior Angel

Statue of a Warrior Angel

2 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – Angels

    • You probably have. We all are assigned Angels when we are born. They are constantly directing, diverting and protecting us. Those times there have been close calls where it could have gone bad and you can’t explain how you got out of it, your Angel took care of it. I wouldn’t be alive today on several occasions. I can pretty much discern their presence just like I can discern the presence of evil. Blessings.

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