The Living and The Dead

The Living and The Dead

                                                                      The Living and The Dead

I went to the store for a few things-got more. When I got to the checkout I was surprised when I was asked if I wanted to purchase a bouquet of flowers for a donation of a dollar or more. I didn’t hear what the donation was for but I gave.

There were several kinds to choose from but many alike. My eyes fell upon a bouquet that only one bloom was open. A lot of unopened ones meant they would last longer than a day or two. Along with being beautiful, their fragrance filled the room.

When I got home today I looked at the flowers and they were at death’s door. Pulled them out of the vase to find they drank up all the water and were dying from thirst. Grabbed them up and made my way to the sink to replenish the water.

After a few moments life returned in all except one. It was the only one that entered death’s door. Sadness engulfed me at the thought of losing the whole bouquet. My joy was redeemed as death moved out of the way for the life that was revived.

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