It’s In His Kiss

I’m a fan of Hallmark Chick Flicks. When they come on I grab my tissues, beverage and snacks. I find a comfortable spot and nestle in. I don’t answer the phone or go potty for fear of missing something.

I’ve realized there is a consistency in all the flicks. At the end there is a kiss. Could it be the kiss is sealing the deal—proving the person’s love? Could be. Every time there is a kiss at the end I can hear the song “It’s In His Kiss” play in my mind. Some times the song needs to say “It’s In Her Kiss” because the woman is initiating the kiss.

I give them permission to kiss all they want. I will continue to watch the Chick Flicks till they quit showing them. After all it is my entertainment.

Is there any Hallmark Chick Flick Fans out there?

4 thoughts on “It’s In His Kiss

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  2. I used to watch them, even hallmark commercials make me weepy, now I rarely watch tv except to catch the weather and watch the Bills try to win on Sundays, and there must be a God ’cause sometimes they do:) haha, nice to meet you my friend. Peace and blessings. Kim

    • Thanks Kim for visiting Life’s Little Surprises and reading It’s In His Kiss. I watch Hallmark for down time. I’m glad they don’t have movies on all the time because I might get caught up and never get anything else accomplished. Good to meet you also and blessings overflowing. Emma

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