I have an Instagram account. I’ve had it since last year. I don’t know what to do with it.

Instagram doesn’t come with instructions and that puts me at a disadvantage. I pushed all the buttons and they didn’t give me a clue. So I left it alone. When I thought about using this for letter I, I revisited Instagram and I’m no more informed than before.

One thing I saw this time is I have people following me. How did I get followers? I never told anyone I was on Instagram. I bet they are wondering why I haven’t posted anything. The reason is I don’t know how. If I can get some instructions I might use it. I wonder if there is an Instagram School?

Until then that little camera will just hang out with the rest of my apps.

Do you use Instagram?

Honey Bee Brigade

Buzzing around me swarm Honey Bees

What is happening I looked to see

An army of bees had formed around me

When they got my attention

Away they did fly

Pausing to look back

To see if I was close by

Circled around me once again

Formed like an arrow

Pointing the way

Submitting to directions

An adventure we pursued

Where are we going

I wanted to say

Instead faith arose

With power and strength

To follow the army God sent

Getting me to my destination

Skillfully guiding all the way

Thanks to the Honey Bee Brigade