If Only I Could Sing

There’s a song in me

I wish I could be

The best darn singer

In all eternity.

I would sing

The high notes

And low notes too

To the beat of the drums

And the tune of the bass

Songs of joy

Some of blues

Ones I’d put away

Others I’d use

A melody that speaks for itself

A tune that makes you glow

A sultry sound that awakens the soul

A little country with a lot of giddy-up

I’d open my heart

Let the tunes flow free

That’s locked up inside of me

If only I could sing

4 Weddings

I am watching a TV show called 4 Weddings. I watch it every once in a while.

The four brides attend and rate each other’s wedding. I did see one show that the grooms judged the weddings. The brides and grooms weddings are judged on the venue, decorations, dress and food. A point system of 120 is used to determine the winner.  I’ve never seen anyone get close to 120.

There are a lot of superficial comments about the weddings that don’t take into account the couple’s taste and desires. I guess that’s how the game goes.

The prize for the winning couple is a honeymoon to an exotic destination. They find out the winner when the winning husband or wife arrives in the limousine. They get out with a bouquet of flowers and a card that tells where they are spending their honeymoon.

I don’t watch this show all the time. When I do I wonder why. It is so predictable. I guess it works when you’re not doing anything else.

I’ll be sure not to invite them to my wedding because it will be filled with all the things I like.


This week the unexpected happened to me.

I went to the dentist because a couple of teeth that a needed to be looked at.
One tooth has a root canal and the other one felt like part of the filling was missing.

After getting X-rays the doctor discovered that the tooth with the root canal was infected and the filling had disappeared out of the other one.

I was referred to a specialist for a consultation. The doctor agreed that the root canal tooth needed to be extracted. The tooth had previously been treated for infection. The treatment eased the pain but didn’t eliminate the infection. As the result of that I’ve walked around with the infection for about a year. Another unexpected.

Today I’m minus the tooth and working on eradicating the infection totally. After the infection is gone I will continue on my quest for restoration. With no more unexpected detours.

Have you had any unexpected in your life?