Never Say Never

I will never do this or that.

The next thing I know, I’m  doing exactly what I said I’d never do.

No matter how hard I’ve tried I’ve said  it at least once in my life. At the time I said it I believed what I was saying.

It would be better if I thought it instead of letting those words pass my lips and the sound come from my throat. I eventually ate those words.

After giving it some thought I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not a big deal if I say never.

Have you said you will never do something and end up doing it?

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I'm an unconventional writer who never knows how the project is going to turn out until it's finished. The project could be an article, short story, poetry or photography. For me that's the blessing of creativity. Come along with me as we embark on an adventure. Enjoy the ride.

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