Age-Is It Just A Number


Hello A-Z Bloggers. I’m glad to participate again this year. It is my second year and I want to be as consistent as I was last year.


Are you old, old or are you young, old?

Are you fairly accurate at guessing someone’s age by looking at him or her or watching him or her in action?

When I was a child adults seemed old. The older people seemed really old to me. The old I saw was reflected in how they looked and got around.

They moved slow, dressed old, pulled their hair back in a bun or a crew cut and rocked in their rockers on the porch.

Not so today. We dress in the latest fashions. We still work at jobs, bowl in leagues, run marathons and Zumba.

As years passed by the description of old must have changed. Something did. I’m the age of the older people I knew back then. Rocking in the chair on the porch is not on my agenda.

My age never bothered me until I hit a certain number. It must have been in the back of my mind that when you got that age you became old and decrepit. My thoughts and the way I lived my life didn’t line up with that thought. One day I spoke out loud to the atmosphere ” I’m not old.” I dismissed that nagging voice and no longer entertain it. 

I had a conversation with a friend about this subject. She also had a struggle. She does have an example of age is just a number. Her mother is in her late eighties, strong and sassy and is still taking courses at a university.

I’ve decided that I’m going to be satisfied with long life. I plan to live every minute to the fullest. All because age is just a number. 

How do you feel about your age as you get older? Do you let that affect what you do? 

2 thoughts on “Age-Is It Just A Number

  1. Hi Emma, nice to “see” you again. I,too, have reached a # that I used to think was old. I am constantly amazed when I have to recognize my age ( on forms etc) as I do not “feel” that old. I am very active, happy, newly retired and starting a whole new chapter in my Book of Life! I realize I am blessed, but am selfish enough to want many more years to enjoy it!
    Have fun with the A-Z challenge.

    Patricia, Sugar & Spice & All Things ? Nice

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