Stop Pecking – Look and Listen

Last week I set up a bird feeder in my back yard. Since then I have been waiting for the birds to flock to the feeder and join in the feast set for them. For the last five days I’ve been waiting for them to show up for the feast but none accepted the invitation to be seated at the table and served a delectable meal.                     Bird Banquet
This morning I heard a beautiful melody that drew me to the window. As I gazed out the window my eyes fell upon five little birdies on the ground pecking away searching for food.
I’m in the window acting like a game show host trying to get them to look up. “Look up, look up,” I kept encouraging them as if they could hear me and see the prize that was awaiting them. They’d get close to the pole and then hop away but never look up at the banquet house they were invited to.



I got a revelation. I saw myself looking in all the wrong places or not  at all for what God has for me. He’s encouraging me–go this way, go that way. No, no, no back up. Turn around. Wait 15 minutes. Never hearing, never seeing–just not getting it. Off I stomped. Believing God never answered my prayer.

He did answer and had it waiting for me but I didn’t see it. I didn’t hear it. I didn’t still myself to get directions. I didn’t trust Him. My works will help God get me what I prayed for because of course He can’t supply my need by Himself.

When I walked away from the window the birds were still on the ground pecking away. Silence fell upon the yard and not hearing the chirping I figured they moved on to look elsewhere. There it was again, the same melody that drew me to the window earlier. I ran to the window and to my amazement one bird came to the banquet table and was feasting on the meal prepared for them. He looked up. He won. I’m sure he will go out and gather others and bring them back for the festive celebration and they all will know they don’t have to labor pecking for food any more in this yard–just show up.

We don’t have to work hard in our own strength to obtain the blessings God said He has for us in His Word. We receive them by faith and we will have them in God’s perfect time.

What do you do when you think God hasn’t answered your prayers? Do you try to make it happen in your time and strength?

3 thoughts on “Stop Pecking – Look and Listen

  1. I’m so thankful I found out The Body of Christ is a family. I don’t have to figure everything out on my own. When I can’t hear Daddy or am not sure exactly what He meant when He said………. I call on my family and together we we find the clues I missed and hear with understanding so I can see clearly. (I hope I actually remember this the next time I need help : } )

    • I believe you will. When you here something wait a few minutes because God will repeat himself sometimes to give you clarification and it will be the same thing He told you before. He wants us to get more than we want to. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Hey Emma,
    Just recently this happened to me and at first I got really mad at God. Determined to press in and hear from Him I decided to not let go until He blessed me. Shortly thereafter the Holy Spirit reminded me of all that God had already answered and showed me through His Word. I must have been waiting for something really big to fall from the sky…when the answer was near me and right in my heart all the time.
    God is so wonderful! He always comes through for us. His love is so consistent and always abiding.
    Great Post sister, thank you for sharing!

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