Marriage-My Offering

Mary closed her Bible, finishing her devotions and quiet time.

An unexpected thought came to her.

Marriage-My Offering

What could that mean, she pondered. OH! She got a revelation. What will I bring to the marriage. After careful thought she grabbed her journal and began jotting down her list.

  • My relationship with Jesus will cause me to be the wife my husband needs
  • I will continually cover him with prayer
  • Be a Proverbs 31 woman
  • I will love, honor, support and adore him
  • I will accept him for who God made him to be, not into my Mr. Perfect

Whew, enough for right now, Mary thought. What was all that about? I’ve wanted another try at marriage but I’ve never considered what I’d bring to the marriage–just what I wanted for the wedding.

I’ll give this more attention later. I’ve got plenty time to finish the list.

Do I?

10 thoughts on “Marriage-My Offering

    • Lynn thanks for taking time to visit my blog. You are right. If you are building a house you don’t throw it up any way without a plan. Marriage is building a relationship that needs the same careful thought.



  1. Hope to see more on this later. Every single person should have this at the top of their prayer list if they want to get married. If we want to be treated like queens we need to be ready to give honor, respect and attention to our king. It’s a two way street and takes two to walk it. One of the bottom line considerations is-Don’t expect something you are unwilling to give.

  2. I am not religious but I will give you my list.
    Marriage, my offering
    respect, love, service. I accept my man for what he is. I cherish and love him for his wonderful qualities and I am endeared by some of his weaknesses. As he is now fighting terminal cancer, I have learned all over again what service really means. And what love really means. Service isn’t making a cup of coffee with a smile. It’s a huge burden and the only way it works is to do it without complaint or hesitation. It might be at 8 in the morning or all night long. The gift of service is part of love. Lots and lots of love here. This is the most terribly beautiful part of our marriage.
    Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors

    • Mimi,

      My hat goes off to you. You are a special lady to die to self to make sure your husband is as comfortable as he can be in his battle. It is indeed a privilege to serve the one you love. You get to do it-not have to.
      Your list wonderful.



  3. Hi, that is a wonderful beginning to your marriage. Too often, we women (and men) enter into it without having the faintest notion what it means to be the mate of another. It takes real work to have a good marriage. I was very fortunate to have the husband that I did. He has passed on a little less than two years ago, and I really miss him every day. He was 83 at the time, and I know where he is. He is with the Lord and I will join him sometime in the future. Since Mimi (comment above mine) is not a Christian, and apparently neither is her husband, they cannot have that assurance. Thank you so much for your sensitive post. Best regards to you. Ruby aka Grammy

    • Hi Ruby,

      Thanks for visiting. I’m glad you appreciate my post. I’m happy to celebrate with you your husbands graduation to heaven. Thanks for sharing about your marriage. It is encouraging. You two are a testimony that a marriage can stay together until death parts you.



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