B is for–Can You Guess

Rolling into a new season I have been practically hanging out in a place no man should go for the last three weeks. It has been a grueling and humiliating place to be-especially on the lanes I’m traveling.

I would hit the right spot and still miss the mark, not reaching my expected end.
I was becoming distraught. There was no fun to be had. An idea appeared–try something new—the way you move your feet, the way you move your hand.

I dismissed the idea and continued down the familiar path. Doing the same thing brought the same results-missing this mark, missing that mark, missing all the marks.
Someone witnessed my distress and gave me a piece of advice. Much to my surprise the advice was the same that  I previously rejected.


This time I followed the advice. It worked. I saw results—more strikes and spares that I was expecting before but didn’t get.

A great revelation came to me.