Getting To Life After

Retirement is everything I wrote about in my previous blog. There is another side. Making the final step to retirement can be challenging. You can say I can’t wait until I retire–I never wanted to work. Are you really ready to give up that job that has become a security blanket? Did you know you have become more attached than you ever thought you would? That makes your job an idol.
I found myself in that position. Once I faced the fact that the job was my idol, I decided I needed to call and give a date to retire. When I attempted to set the date another monster showed up. That monster was fear. It shook me for several hours and then peace washed over me and I was able to give a date. Once I faced off the demons, idol and fear, I was able to step into my future and haven’t looked back.
I had a mindset about retirement that I wasn’t aware of until I had to evaluate the big picture. Having an attachment to my job that held me captive, I unconsciously equated retirement with being old, put out to pasture, and useless. I was younger than most people when they retired so I didn’t want to be seen in that light. I had to leave my job to continue in the purpose and destiny God had for me.
My fears were unfounded. I left my job with compensation for my years of service, moved to another state and into a new stage of my life. I’m partaking in the perks of not having to punch a time clock and under God–I’m my own boss.
I’m truly blessed.